What is a Blue Plaque

A blue plaque is a powerful way to commemorate significant places and spaces. It is an invitation for people to discover more about a site and its history. The iconic look is round with white writing on a blue background. Blue plaques foster a sense of local pride and increase the emotional attachment of residents to their city. They help to educate communities and play a role in preserving significant sites for future generations. Blue plaques enliven our streets, squares and suburbs and make diverse heritage accessible to a wide audience at a relatively low cost.

While predominantly an urban phenomenon, blue plaques can also make an impact in rural environments. They are made from a wide range of materials according to different designs as long as they adhere to the iconic look.

Blue Plaques of South Africa (BPSA) maintains a database of blue plaque sites in South Africa. It is a volunteer initiative so not all sites have been captured and new installations may take some time to be loaded.