Volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the 3 500 million year old Barberton greenstone belt are exposed in two large boat-shaped structures the Eureka and Ulundi Synclines. The Sheba Fault, marked by the [unclear] white ridge on which you are now standing, separates these two structures. Conglomerates, sandstones and shales of the Moodies Group are the dominant rock type forming the Eureka Syncline. The Ulundi Syncline contains greywackes and shales of the Fig Tree Group with some [unclear] and sheared volcanic rocks and cherts of the Onverwacht Group (Zwartkoppie formation). The famous Golden Quarry and Sheba mines lie in the valley below. In the distance are the Lily Syncline, the Three Sisters mountains and the Barbrook Saddleback area.
1.6km ENE of Sheba Mine, 25°42'29.45"S, 31° 7'14.70"E
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